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Foam Yoga Mat - Celtic Tree of Life with Alignment System

Foam Yoga Mat - Celtic Tree of Life with Alignment System

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Elevate Your Yoga Practice with the Celtic Tree of Life Design"

The ancient Celtic symbol of the Tree of Life represents balance, harmony, and growth, making it the perfect design for a yoga mat.
Our foam yoga mat features an edge-to-edge print of the intricate and beautiful Celtic Tree of Life design, adding an element of beauty and inspiration to your practice.
By incorporating this design into your yoga practice, you can connect with the natural world and achieve a greater sense of inner peace and grounding.

Free Yoga Journal 
With every purchase of our yoga mat, you will receive a free yoga journal digital download. This 20-page journal includes everything you need to enhance your yoga practice, including yoga sequences, routines, and poses, as well as a meditation planner, mindfulness tips, and more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this journal will help you deepen your practice and improve your overall well-being.

Experience Enhanced Comfort and Alignment with our Foam Yoga Mat"

Our foam material is specifically designed to cushion your body from impacts, making your yoga practice more comfortable and enjoyable.
The 0.25" thickness provides just the right amount of cushioning without compromising stability and balance during poses.
The alignment system on the mat helps you to maintain proper alignment and form, which is essential for preventing injury and getting the most out of your practice.

Convenient and Easy to Use for Yoga Practitioners of All Levels"

The lightweight design of our foam yoga mat makes it easy to transport to and from your yoga class or outdoor practice.
The 24" x 72" size provides ample space for yogis of all heights and sizes to practice comfortably.
Made with 100% foam (synthetic thermoplastic), our mat is durable and easy to clean, ensuring it will last through many yoga sessions to come.


.: One size: 24″ x 72" (61cm x 183 cm)
.: 0.25" (0.65cm) thick
.: Material: 100% foam (synthetic thermoplastic)
.: Edge to edge print
.: Lightweight

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