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Foam Yoga Mat - I Am Tree Of Life Yogi

Foam Yoga Mat - I Am Tree Of Life Yogi

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Breathe in, and breathe out with style. Namaste!

Empower Yourself with I Am Tree of Life Yogi Foam Yoga Mat"

The Always Essential Gifts "I Am Tree Of Life Yogi" Foam Yoga Mat is not just a mat, it's a powerful tool that can help you become your best self. Each of the 10 affirmations on this mat is designed to uplift and empower you. By repeating them during your yoga practice, you'll begin to embody the qualities they represent. The Tree of Life Yogi design serves as a visual reminder of the power of growth, strength, and resilience.

Free Yoga Journal 
With every purchase of our yoga mat, you will receive a free yoga journal digital download. This 20-page journal includes everything you need to enhance your yoga practice, including yoga sequences, routines, and poses, as well as a meditation planner, mindfulness tips, and more. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced yogi, this journal will help you deepen your practice and improve your overall well-being.

Comfort and Stability for Every Pose"

This foam yoga mat is not only empowering, but it's also comfortable and stable. Made with synthetic thermoplastic foam material, it provides a cushioned surface to protect your joints during high-impact poses. The 0.25" thickness also helps to reduce the risk of injury. The anti-slip surface ensures stability during any pose, so you can focus on your breathing and movement.

Customize Your Yoga Practice"

With edge-to-edge printing in crisp detail, this custom-printed foam yoga mat allows you to bring your unique style to your yoga practice. Measuring 24" x 72", it accommodates all shapes and sizes. Lightweight and easy to carry, take it with you to your next yoga class or use it at home for your personal practice.

.: One size: 24″ x 72" (61cm x 183 cm)
.: 0.25" (0.65cm) thick
.: Material: 100% foam (synthetic thermoplastic)
.: Edge to edge print
.: Lightweight

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